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Příslušenství Magnetico®

Pomocí příslušenství Magnetico® můžete použít Magnetico®-plug když nemáte kovovou základnu tam, kde ji potřebujete!

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  • 620,00 Kč Dostupný
    Magnetico®-Base is a metal base that can be used to anchor Magnetico®-Plug on smooth non-ferrous surfaces.It's thin and it does not scratch the underlying furniture because it includes a protective soft pad. Magnetico®-Base can decorate bookcases, coffee tables and desks: in fact, it's perfect for reading or working. Choose among the different...
  • 930,00 Kč Produkt je k dispozici s jinými možnostmi
    Produkt je k dispozici s jinými možnostmi
    Magnetico®-Shelf is a metal shelf to be paired with Magnetico®-Plug: you can choose matching or contrasting colours, as you prefer! It can be anchored to the wall with the kit included in the box.Magnetico®-Shelf is thin (1,2 mm), but it's a real shelf: it can hold a book, a pair of glasses, a phone and become a unique bedside table. Choose among the...
Zobrazeno 1 – 2 z 2 položek